Dear Interracial Couples, Color-blindess Is the Opposite of Acceptance

Dear Interracial Couples, Color-blindess Is the Opposite of Acceptance

Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas told us to avoid scrubs, and it looks like she’s keeping her options open so she can, too. Not only that, but she believes her new dating philosophy should be adopted by other women of color. This attitude apparently is reflected in Chilli’s own personal life. After dating most of the stereotype types now she wants a change! Online, people were quick to pick apart Chilli’s actual and rumored dating history. She allegedly dated boxer Floyd Mayweather for a time, as well as Usher she reportedly inspired his infamous Confessions album. Some were critical of her proclamation:.

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I sigh, “I love so much about Essence, but whenever it comes to interracial dating, they make me feel uncomfortable. Like all those women who.

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. In an interview with Playboy, Mayer called himself a “good guy” and said he loved being liked but then went on to say he dreamed of writing pornography, described his former girlfriend Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm,” and even used the n-word. But that’s not the worst of it: When Playboy asked Mayer if he dated black women his response was, “My dick is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock.

Mayer has since apologized via his Twitter account and on stage for comparing his privates to a former Ku Klux Klan member. Although the interview has been a PR disaster for Mayer, we’re not all that surprised by his comments. In fact, a number of celebrities have expressed certain “preferences” when it came to dating. Here’s some other celebrities who have made racially charged comments regarding dating outside their race This makes a lot of people unhappy, mostly Black women.

‘The Man From Essence’ Is the Inside Story of What Would Become the Pre-Eminent Black Women’s Brand

You can say this about Bebe Moore Campbell: She sure knows how to pack a book. Though the author tries to do a little too much, she still manages to tell an engaging and entertaining story. This novel is Campbell’s third book. Set in the s, that story of a black boy’s murder for talking to a white woman won high praise from critics. Through two main characters, Esther Jackson, an African-American, and Mallory Post, a white woman, Campbell explores the reasons behind the riots in Los Angeles in after the first Rodney King trial verdict.

“Generally, I came to terms with interracial dating a long time ago,” says among the , readers of Essence, a black women’s magazine.

Since its premiere in , The Bachelor ABC and its spinoffs have entertained television audiences with their depiction of individuals vying for love. However, the franchise has been critiqued for the lack of racial diversity in its contestant pool. This article examines the racialized and gendered logics of representation that frame the casting of the first black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Originally Posted by RoslynHolcomb. IMO, if you’re black dating IR, so-called ‘chocolate cities’ are a no-no for interracial dating. At least, that’s been my experience. The negative experiences go way up.

Experts say teen-agers generally don’t consider interracial dating a major a black psychologist and advice columnist for Essence magazine.

But what happens when an attempt at colorblindness poses a threat to a cultural tradition rooted in a particular race? This attempt is made manifest in the genre of soul music— particularly, blue-eyed soul, or soul music made by white artists. Does acquiring this reputable status champion the cause of colorblindness in the world of soul, or does such a status still come attached with a disclaimer of racial background?

It seems that, while these blue-eyed soul artists may enjoy the success of record sales, sold-out concerts, and radio play, the African-American community is still divided over whether or not these artists should be put into the same category as singers like Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and Diana Ross— artists who brought their blackness into their music to create a sound that reflected more than aesthetic, but race struggles as well. Obviously, commercial success affirms to these white soul singers that their music is enjoyed to some degree.

Beyond this, there are black supporters of blue-eyed soul. It seems that blue-eyed soul singers have a race struggle of their own: finding acceptance in the soul community as white artists who are participating in a historically black musical tradition. Posted by Katelyn Carter Filed under Uncategorized.

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Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray. Photo: Getty. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, an all-but-officially announced mayoral hopeful, has prominently featured his wife Chirlane McCray in his campaign literature and on his web site.

Field, Carolyn, “Interracial dating among college students: Cultural norms and partner In essence Allison () points out that stress can be important in oppressed there are many common cultural sources such as Ebony magazine which.

Print E-mail Letter to the editor. As black men who spent nine months in a white woman’s womb, Obama and I have something in common. We are the beautiful progeny of interracial relationships, a part of a growing trend. Multiracial couples are simultaneously loved by Americans who dream of a day when race discrimination ceases to exist and resented by people who reject the prospect of becoming romantically involved with another to whom they cannot culturally relate.

Considerations about maintaining racial loyalty when searching for one’s mate might be more productively discussed in the context of negotiating complexities involved with interracial relationships. Interracial couples cannot escape the scrutiny of outspoken intra-breeders. Among the most prominent, and perhaps the most legitimate, of those who oppose some form of interracial dating are black women.

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Yes, Essence , the magazine that gives black women space to know and see themselves, learn about their worlds, and grow from the experience like no other publication before and hardly any since, a publication single-mindedly devoted to that mission since day one, owes its existence to guys — four of them, actually.

The truly remarkable thing is that they were all black men, with zero publishing experience and about as much cash between them. What they had was little more than a gut notion that there was money to be made by catering to an untapped market.

How to be Irresistible to White Men: Interracial Dating Secrets of Asian Women award winning Author & columnist for NBC’s & Essence Magazine.

Mar 27, PM. I recently came across this article that features musician Jill Scott speaking out on interracial dating. I wanted to share the article and give folks an opportunity to share their perspective. Thanks for the link. After reading I wondered who the ‘We’ she kept referring to. As in lighted person of the world in which I live, I consider whom one chooses to love is not my concern. Oh man, that article was just I get what she is saying because a lot of black women feel that way.

I remember when I was in grad school I took a Black Women in Literature class that was subtitled: ‘The Love we make, the hate that makes us. I think there were about two white females and maybe two black males in the class. It was a very provocative, freewheeling class where we lots of great discussion and debate. When the topic of IR relationships came up, I was really surprised by how vehement the AA women were about not dating outside the race themselves.

This was borne out years later by an article I read can;t find it now for the life of me! It showed of course that Black women and Asian men are the least likely to date outside their race.

Essence Magazine done hired them a white woman !!!

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